TMT Fitness one of the driving forces behind the fitness holiday evolution sweeping South East Asia

In years gone by the ‘Soi’ or ‘Fighters Road’ as it’s been affectionately named, where Tiger Muay Thai is situated, has become synonymous with the Art of Eight Limbs and Mixed Martial Arts, but in recent times the world-famous gym has been at the forefront of Phuket’s fitness revolution.  

The sprawling 100,000 square feet complex, which is located in the southern portion of Phuket Province, offers training for all, with their “all are welcome” policy. The gym’s comprehensive timetable empowers those who are beginning their fitness journey, as well as aspiring, elite and competitive fitness junkies to train at one of the best CrossFit and fitness holiday training camps that exist anywhere in Southeast Asia.

Regardless of your experience, TMT is home to an elite set of highly qualified coaches who include the amazing Joy Somers and Shaun Kober. The fitness team are on hand to offer attendees a ‘full-stack’ package which includes body composition tests, nutritional advice, bespoke meal plans, and 1-2-1 workouts, advice and planning.

Besides from the more traditional CrossFit classes, Tiger offers a variety of group sessions, which includes the fat-busting AMBUSH 360 BodyFit and BATTLE CAT, which is conditioning for combat athletes. These sessions are an hour in length and includes the warm-up with an intensive but fun session, a cool down and stretch to bring an end to proceedings. The instructors are firm but encouraging,?motivating all in attendance, ensuring that all participants make it to the end of the session.

In attention to the 40+ classes every week, there are Yoga sessions that take place 3 times a day where the instructor focuses predominantly on Hatha, Vinyasa Power Flow and power yoga. The classes cater to all skill levels regardless of fitness or flexibility and are completely addictive and a nice change of pace, especially after intense workouts.

TMT offers a diverse range of fitness training, bringing together multiple schools of training philosophies. Training here is an effective and healthy way to achieve your fitness goals at a fraction of the price you can expect to place in many locations across the globe. So if fitness is your thing then a trip to Tiger Muay Thai must surely be on your bucket list. Taking a trip to this fitness hotspot will provide you with much more than improvements in your speed, endurance, strength, and muscle to fat ratio. It will inspire you to continue your fitness journey and indeed to take it to another level, a truly unique experience.

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