Photo credit: Fightsense/Enfusion Live

Despite a two-year suspension in the Netherlands, Mohammed Jaraya will definitely fight on Enfusion Live 54 in Antwerp, Belgium.

Antwerp Fight Organisation confirms the Belgium federation, the BKBM²O, has given permission to let “The Destroyer” fight against Yassin Baitar on September 30 in the Lotto Arena.

Jaraya was suspended by the Federatie Oosterse Gevechtskunsten (FOG) in the Netherlands for his actions on Enfusion Live 49 in Zoetermeer on April 29. After losing a close fight to Redouan Laarkoubi, the 21-year-old was outraged and attacked judge Tim van Duijn.

The FOG came to a verdict on June 29 and suspended him, after which Enfusion Live pulled “The Destroyer” from participating in the Enfusion 100.000 euro tournament this December in Abu Dhabi.

Enfusion didn’t exclude Jaraya, who will also give seminar for Fighters Against Cancer, from fighting Baitar in the final round of the -72.5 kg Enfusion League in neighboring country Belgium, outside the FOG jurisdiction. Despite that, Enfusion CEO Edwin van Os wasn’t sure if Jaraya could participate.

“Jan van Looijen (FOG board Member) made it clear that he (Jaraya) is allowed to fight in certain areas. We are now investigating the possibilities, because the FOG has a working relation with Belgium and Morocco,” Van Os stated on July 7 in an interview with CombatPoint.