Muay Thai Grand Prix Welterweight champion, Charlie Peters, gave an indepth interview to Anoop Hothi, ahead of his next fight this weekend. Peters will face off against Polish fighter, Grzegorz Grzybowski at RONIN on the 17th July at The O2 Indigo (during the SENI weekend in London).

Charlier Peters gave a greater insight into who he is as a person and also talks about:
Josh Jauncey, Reece McAllister, Jordan Watson and Nauzet Trujillo
– Fighters self-promoting themselves to gain more media attention
– RONIN rules: K1 vs Thai but without the clinch

The RONIN Fight Show is promoted by Jeremy Bailey who, was recently on the MMA PLUS podcast, bringing together the best from K-1 rules kickboxing and Muay Thai, under RONIN rules of striking which, is a mix of both rules set at a high tempo but without the clinch.