El Boustati
Ibrahim El Boustati makes his entrance at Enfusion Live 41. Copyright Enfusion Live and Jos Erkens.

Ibrahim El Boustati was crowned a two-weight world champion at Enfusion Live 44 when he defeated the 90kg Enfusion champion, Andrew Tate by first round TKO in The Hague.

With this win El Boustati now holds both the 85kg and 90kg Enfusion Live world titles and remains undefeated after 45 professional fights.

Despite the result, “Cobra Tate” had managed to get off to a good start despite being inactive for two years. Ibrahim was a serious threat from the very first moment, coming forward and throwing bombs as expected. However, Tate was able to get his kicks off early and was began to make it tough for El Boustati. If anything, despite having his chin a bit high a couple of times and not checking an outside low kick, Tate was managing reasonably well with El Boustati’s pressure and attacks to his body.

Enfusion Live 44
Tate v El Boustati – Image: Enfusion Live

However, “The Beast” showed why he is now undefeated after his 45th fight with the powerful execution of striking which saw a long left hook connect with the left side of Tate’s head that made him stop momentarily, signalling discomfort. This forced the referee to pull back El Boustati from attacking the injured Tate and giving the UK based American a count. However, the damage was done and Tate waived off the fight to the referee pointing his glove to that same side of his head that the left hook had landed on.

One thing is for certain, El Boustati is something special and although Tate himself was once highly talked about when he first appeared on Enfusion Reality, time waits for no one; and ‘ring rust’ can’t been shaken off too easily when fighting another world class champion who, has been very active whilst Tate had been away from the sport.

El Boustati
El Boustati celebrates TKO win over Tate – Image: Enfusion Live

Whether or not a future rematch is on the cards which, both fighter had been open to in the buildup to tonight’s clash, only time will tell. Although, it would depend if the 90kg division is a priority or not in the grand scheme of things for Enfusion in 2017. It would seem that the 67kg, 72.5kg and 85kg Enfusion Leagues are the main priorities for the promotion in the new year but we eagerly await to find out.

Yassin Bartar put on a brilliant display of all out kickboxing in defeating Redouan Laarkoubi who, was remarkably resilient enough to go the distance, especially when there were moments it seemed that Bartar’s complete kickboxing offensiveness could’ve ended the fight. This is just one of many fights this year that goes to show that in the 70/72.5kg weight class, Enfusion have a stack of world class talent on their roster.

William Diender
William Diender KOs Bilal Kasroui – Image: Enfusion Live

A lovely left hook by William Diender resulted in a round one KO victory against Bilal Kasroui who, simply wasn’t allowed to accelerate up the gears compared to Diender. Where this win takes Diender’s career in 2017 after turbulent times in his personal life recently, only time will tell but hopefully, this win will bounce him back into better times ahead.

Reda Zaidi knocked out Patrick Van Rees with a powerful right hand from a ‘1-2 down the pipe’ to finally halt the tough Van Rees in the third round. A technically violent performance and one that should get him even more noticed going into the new year with even bigger challenges ahead no doubt.

Enfusion Live 44 – Results:

Ibrahim El Boustati def. Andrew Tate by Rd1 TKO – El Boustati wins 90kg world championship

Higham Achalhi  def. Steve Magnier via TKO – heavyweight,+95kg

Marcel Verhaar def. Karam El Hahaoui by decision, 72.5kg

Yassin Bartar def. Redouan Laarkoubi by decision, 72.5kg

William Diender def. Bilal Kasroui by Rd1 KO, 70kg

Reda Zaidi def. Patrick Van Rees by Rd3 KO, 72.5kg

Sanne Strubbelig def. Fade Basrir by decision – Women’s, 54kg