Fred Sikking (left) stares down Boy Boy Martin. Photo: World Fighting League

The result of Sunday’s Fred Sikking vs. Boy Boy Martin on WFL: The Final 16 has been changed by Sectie Ringcontactsporten Federatie Oosterse Gevechtskunsten (FOG).

The Dutch governing body overseeing the event in Almere, the Netherlands, announced on Tuesday that one of the judges scoring the bout made a mistake on his score sheet, which resulted in Sikking as the announced winner of the first-round tournament bout of WFL’s 16-man tournament.

“After the result of the fight Fred Sikking vs. Boy Boy Martin was announced, one of the judges found out he accidentally switched up the red and blue corner when he filled in his score sheet,” the press release states.

“As a consequence, the result fell in Sikking’s favor but should have been for Martin. After discussions with the referee and judges, the head judge has decided to change his previous decision to declare Fred Sikking as the winner and give the win to Boy Boy Martin.

“The result is now: Boy Boy Martin beats Fred Sikking by decision.”

Sikking vs. Martin was one of seven first-round fights of WFL’s 16-man tournament, which took place on the undercard of Melvin Manhoef’s kickboxing retirement fight against the returning Remy Bonjasky.

After three hard rounds, Sikking was announced as the winner by split-decision.

Martin wasn’t happy with the call and turned his attention to the judges in his post-fight interview. “All I have to say: he (Sikking) won because he sold more tables,” a frustrated Martin said in the microphone.

The fighters react to change in WFL result

Following FOG’s statement, Sikking posted a statement on social media (in Dutch). The Dutchman says he’ll let other people decide if the judge’s call was correct or not:

“Ladies and gentlemen, a lot has happened the last couple of hours around my fight on WFL: The Final 16. Like a lot of you know by now, the result of my fight against Boy Boy Martin has been changed to a win for my opponent. This was caused by the jury/referee, the consequences are on me.

I’ll let other people decide if the result was justified or not. I don’t blame World Fighting League or Boy Boy Martin for anything. If he won that fight, I’ll take that loss as a man.

Furthermore, am I proud that I could measure myself with these great champions. I wanna thank the organization, and Melvin Manhoef in particular, that I was part of this spectacle. Win or lose, I’ve given everything and fought like you are all used to.

Finally, I wanna thank the fans for their support and cheers, I would have loved to give you a beautiful match in the next round. It was a great night!!!!

Thanks, Vos Gym,

Ivan Hippolyte & François (Lubbers)”

Not long after that, Martin also posted a statement social media (in Dutch). He says he’s glad the call was reversed but isn’t happy with the circumstances it came about:

“Best all,

Like you all perhaps know, is that I still qualified for the Final 8 of WFL. I’m glad about this righteousness, but the way this went is very unfortunate. Due to an error from the judge and referee, two real warriors are in an unfair and undesirable situation.

The mistakes that the jury and referee made, wasn’t WFL’s fault. That’s why I wanna thank World Fighting League for this beautiful tournament, despite all the friction.

I wanna thank my trainers Danny (de Vries) and Daan (Kortland) and everyone from The Colosseum, and Melvin (Manhoef)/Spike for the chance to participate. Fred, thanks for this banger. We put on something great. I’m gonna prepare and train very hard. You will see more of me. Boy.”

Beste allen, Zoals jullie wellicht al weten ben ik alsnog gekwalificeerd voor de Final 8 van de WFL. Hoewel ik blij ben voor deze gerechtigheid, vind ik de manier waarop dit gegaan is erg jammer. Door een fout van de jury en scheidsrechter zijn twee echte warriors in een onterechte en onwenselijke situatie gekomen. De fouten die door de jury en scheidsrechter gemaakt zijn, zijn niet te wijten aan de WFL. Daarom wil ik ondanks alle onenigheid mijn dank uiten aan de World Fighting League voor dit mooie toernooi. Ik wil mijn trainers Danny en Daan bedanken en iedereen van het Colloseum, en natuurlijk Melvin / Spike voor de kans mee te mogen doen. Fred, bedankt voor deze knalpartij. We hebben iets moois neer gezet. Ik ga me voorbereiden en keihard trainen. Jullie gaan meer van me zien. Boy Daan Kortland Danny de Vries Fred Sikking Fred Sikking Sohail Joya Sohail wfl Spike #colloseum #thecolloseum @thecolosseumgymnl #spike #wfl @worldfightingleagueofficial #olbarnhem #joya #melvinmanhoef @boyboyrecords @fredsikking

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