Benjamin Adegbuyi was’t impressed by Gökhan Saki calling out his fellow gym buddy, Rico Verhoeven, after the GLORY Heavyweight champion defeated Badr Hari via TKO at GLORY Collision in Oberhausen, Germany.

The most anticipated ‘Collision’ between the “Golden Boy” and Verhoeven might have had an anti-climatic ending due to Hari sustaining a broken arm from a knee whilst clinching with Verhoeven in the second round. However, “The Rebel” sure wasn’t one to hold back with his own fireworks via Twitter shortly afterwards.

Adegbuyi is currently the number one ranked contender in the GLORY Heavyweight division, having won the most recent 4-man contender tournament at GLORY 35 which, secured him a title shot in the new year against, his now training partner, Verhoeven, to whom he has lost twice before.

“I saw Saki putting some tweets but he has to stay in line. Come back in the heavyweight division, have to stay in line or past us first.”

“I won the contender tournament, I’m the number one ranked. Maybe for the fans it’s nice but yeah you know I have to fight first for the title, even though Rico’s my training partner, we have sparred together. When it comes to the number one, I want the spot also. I cannot accept someone coming from retirement, they saw the money fight. Even in GLORY can happen like in the UFC. Money fight, McGregor and sh-t and they all want the fight. No man, you have to wait.”

The new year is full of hope and optimism for the direction in which world kickboxing is steering in after the most resurgent year for the sport as a whole. However, there is an exciting amount of uncertainty in the GLORY Heavyweight division with the imminent return of a clearly re-motivated and fan’s favourite, Gökhan Saki who, has been inactive since winning his last fight at GFC 3 in April, 2015.