Murthel Groenhart has given an update on his health after being attacked in the aftermath of his victory at GLORY 42 in Paris, France.

It was one of the biggest talking points from GLORY 42, when the No.3 ranked GLORY welterweight was attacked by fans after knocking out opponent Harut Grigorian

The Dutch fighter landed a jumping knee to Grigorian in the second round, which caused the Armenian-Belgian kickboxer to turn his back. However, with Grigorian electing not to take a knee, Groenhart followed up with a devastating right hook.

Following the incident, two fans stormed the ring and attacked Groenhart whilst he was celebrating, with it being believed that the former K-1 fighter suffered a broken jaw. Groenhart although, refuted this claim to MMA Plus.

Groenhart explained the events leading up to the attack at the AccorHotels Arena.

“I believe it was a legal shot, in the heat of the game, the heat of the fight, the referee didn’t came in,” he said, speaking to MMA Plus. “I gave him the knee, I saw that Harut had turned, and I chased him with the hook and he fell down and then I saw the referee came in. 

“If the referee don’t came in, protect yourself at all time and he didn’t protect yourself at all time, he turned around and I came with the hook.”

Although it has yet to be confirmed, numerous sources have profiled one of the men who participated in the attack as Armenian MMA fighter Hracho Darpinyan

Subsequently, GLORY Kickboxing has released a statement claiming they will pursue the prosecution the individuals who unlawfully entered the ring and assaulted Groenhart.

Controversy aside, Groenhart sent a warning to the GLORY welterweight champion Cedric Doumbewho successfully defended his title in Paris — hinting to the Frenchman, “I’m coming” after Doumbe swatted off talks of a fight with the Mike’s Gym man after beating Nieky Holzken for the second time.