Badr Hari
Photo credit: James Law, GLORY Sports International

Badr Hari must serve at least another six months jail time for a previous conviction (for more than one allegation of assault in 2012) with one of the reported victims being the now deceased businessman, Koen Everink. 

Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court dismissed Hari’s appeal to have the remaining jail term not spent.

Today’s legal action follows on from a previous ruling by the Supreme Court in October 2015 – Badr had been sentenced for a prison term of two years, of which 10 months were suspended on probation. Hari was also ordered to pay damages reported to be for the amount of 45,000 Euros.

However, how does Badr Hari end-up with only six months remaining to serve from a previous conviction and prison sentence?

The “Golden Boy” is no stranger to controversy especially with his A-list celebrity status in the Netherlands and having had past runs-ins with the law which, have mainly been of an alleged violent nature, or, he’s actually been arrested for, and or, charged and taken to court previously.

From 2011-12, Badr was reportedly involved in various altercations in Dutch nightclubs including: one count of grievous assault, two attempted aggravated assaults and two assaults.

However, in October 2015, after further appeals by both the prosecutors and defence, Hari was handed 24 months prison sentence including, 10 months on probation. Effectively, 14 months jail time to be served and he’d be allowed out of prison with 10 months suspended or on probation.

It should be noted that the man this case surrounds, Everink, was found murdered in his home in March 2016.

So what happens now to Badr Hari?

Hari’s lawyer, Benedict Ficq reportedly told the media that:

“Badr Hari wants to serve his sentence as soon as possible. I will ask the court to reserve a place for him as soon as possible.”

As to when Badr will finally serve the remaining six months of his sentence behind bars is still to be confirmed by the Dutch authorities.

However, according to sources close to the scene, Badr is still free to travel and his movements have not been restricted by the courts. If this is indeed accurate then it could still be possible for Badr Hari to return to the GLORY Kickboxing ring again (in an EU/European nation) for a rematch with Rico Verhoeven but only time will tell.

MMA Plus will report again as the situation unfolds further in due course.