de Bonte
Photo credit: James Law photography for GLORY Sports International

The police investigation into the disappearance of former GLORY champion, Marc de Bonte, is still ongoing for both the Belgium and Dutch authorities since he was first reported as missing, November 5.

On November 8, Opsporing Verzocht, a dutch TV program that looks for missing persons with approximately a 50% success rate on cases, reported on de Bonte’s last known movements in an appeal to the general public for any possible information. It had been reported that Marc had plans to socialise in Turnhout, Belgium on the evening of November 4 and would return to Best in the Netherlands where he was cohabiting with his partner.

The morning after the television appeal by Opsporing Verzocht they had received six phone calls regarding de Bonte’s disappearance. It is not known if the callers provided any information that may or may not have been looked into further by the police.

Marly de Laat and Marc de Bonte Senior - Image: RTL Boulevard
Marly de Laat and Marc de Bonte Senior – Image: RTL Boulevard

Peter R. de Vries, a highly respected journalist and renown Dutch crime reporter, was recently on RTL Boulevard discussing some of the facts about the ongoing police investigation; after a new video appeal by de Bonte’s partner, Mary de Laat and his father, Marc de Bonte Senior was broadcasted.

It was mentioned by de Vries that Marc de Bonte’s car had been found ‘a couple of blocks from’ where Mary de Laat lives in Best and that the police had searched the surrounding areas with a specialist team and sniffer dogs. However, the police investigation continues without any new updates or further progress being reported.

Peter R. de Vries - Image: RTL Boulevard
Peter R. de Vries – Image: RTL Boulevard

MMA Plus will continue to monitor the ongoing investigation into Marc de Bonte’s disappearance and report on any further updates in due course.