GLORY 2015

An interesting night at GLORY 18 saw a new lightweight champion crowned, a light-heavyweight contender celebrated and an American sensation overthrown.

Overall GLORY 18 was an enjoyable show, with some great knockouts, and hard fought battles, but most importantly it marked the return of main stream kickboxing to our television sets.

CEO Jon J. Franklin was appointed in August this year and he has made it clear that he wants to take the organisation to new heights.

When asked about the GLORY 2015 schedule in the post-fight press conference, Franklin said: “Plans for 2015, are January off, and then the plan is 10 events through 2015. A number of them in the United States but we’re also gonna go abroad, we hope to go to some really exciting international destinations such as possibly Dubai.”

Franklin made note that the promotion would be focusing more on their domestic shows going forward, and it looks like a large part of the GLORY 2015 schedule will take place in the United States.

As we previously posted, GLORY 19 is set to take place on Dec. 19, which will be headlined by Rico Verhoeven putting his world heavyweight championship on the line against #4 Errol Zimmerman and a welterweight contender tournament, which includes the return of Nieky Holzken.

No location has been announced yet, however MMA PLUS  can speculate that it is likely between Washington and Detroit to host the world series of kickboxing.