The rise and rise of kickboxing and Asian MMA via the KUNLUN FIGHT series in China, continues to grow momentum with yet another weekend of countless kickboxing and MMA fights lined up.

Kunlun are not shying away from global attention and certainly know how to put on a major event that not only attracts their domestic target market but also kickboxing purists and the more knowledgeable MMA fight fans in the ‘western world’.

With no obvious global marketing strategy (or one specifically focused on attracting the English speaking audience outside of Asia, apart from a recently agreed streaming partnership with AmidoTV) at the time of writing, Kunlun have developed a tremendous brand that is still to achieve its full potential on the world stage.

What’s even more impressive about Kunlun, is the calibre of kickboxing talent they are able to attract from outside of Asia. For example, tomorrow (Friday 8th April 2016) at KUNLUN FIGHT 41, former GLORY lightweight champion, Davit Kiria will fight the current Enfusion Live lightweight champion and Enfusion Live 70kg Max Tournament winner, Tayfun ‘The Turkish Turbine’ Ozcan – the latter was recently on the Kickboxingplanet podcast discussing his next fight with Davit Kiria which, is part of an ongoing tournament.

Recent shows by Kunlun have included world class kickboxing talents such as: Thai legend, Buakaw Benchamek (defeating Kong Lingfeng by decision at Kunlun Fight 39); GLORY heavyweight champion, Rico Verhoeven who, lost a decision to Andrei Herasimchuk at Kunlun Fight 15 which, was a massive shock at the time; and Arthur Kyshenko who, is the Kunlun Fight 80 kg 2015 Tournament winner, has been matched up by Kunlun to fight the skilful Australian, Israel ‘Stylebender’ Adesanya, on the 23rd April 2016. Quite an impressive talent pool of elite kickboxers to be attracting from outside of Asia, for sure!

Headlining Kunlun Fight 41 on Friday the 8th April 2016 is the match up between Wu Xuesong vs Alexsander Silva as well as the bout between Davit Kiria and Tayfun Ozcan and on the very next day (Saturday 9th April), Kunlun Fight 42 is stacked with even more fighters from the Asian fight scene.

The future of kickboxing may be uncertain, however, the future of ‘blockbuster’ kickboxing fights is…in China quite possibly and maybe they can bring back the good old days that K-1 and DREAM (and dare I say it, PRIDE) use to deliver and that GLORY World Series are struggling to achieve in the USA with kickboxing?

Click here to live stream both Kunlun Fight 41 and 42 tomorrow and Saturday.

Below, Tayfun ‘The Turkish’ Ozcan talks about his next fight at KUNLUN FIGHT 41 against Davit Kiria: