Alex Bublea is coming off a successful and first-time title defence of his 67kg Roar Combat League championship against, Dale Hughes, via unanimous decision at Roar Combat League – Round 5 on February 11, 2017. 

The recent win is the perfect catalyst to propel the RCL champion into a very challenging and busy year ahead, with his next fight against, Rit Kaewsamrit in two weeks time.

“I’m fighting next Rit Kaewsamrit he’s a very, very good Thai. 12th March. I’m fighting in Italy. Then in April, I’m fighting a top level fighter, it’s not been announced so I’m not allowed to say yet, top level fighter in the UK and hopefully, hopefully, I can land my dream fight in the Republic of face Moldavia in the King of Kings promotion if I can confirm (for April) it. Apparently it was meant to be in Estonia [last weekend of February] but [Mirko] Moisar said, the Estonian champion, he doesn’t want me as his first fight of the year, so, that’s gonna happen later.”

“He’s been watching me, I’ve been watching him cause he’s fought in England quite a few times then we know each other as fighters, don’t know each other personally, we know each other as fighters. He doesn’t want me as his first fight of the year which, is understandable, because I’m going with vengeance and that fight is going happen later June, July, August maybe summer-ish or something like that. But I really, really wanna fight in the Republic of Moldova cause that’s adjacent to Romania and its on TV and its broadcasted, no one f–cking knows about in Romania, how is that? Everyone knows about me in England.”

Image via Facebook page: Alex “Bodyhammer” Bublea

Bublea focused on fighting for KOK and breaking-out in Romania

Being of Romanian descent but growing up in England, Bublea has become a popular figure in the UK Muay Thai scene but his popularity hasn’t transferred over to Romanian soil. Alex has previously fought kickboxing fights and is open to fighting more bouts under K1/kickboxing rules in the year ahead. Something that he’s hoping will pay off for him in the long-term with making an impact in Romania, a country in which, kickboxing is one of the most popular combat sports after pro boxing.

“So if I breakout to Romania that’s going to be a big financial market and a big hit cause I believe everyone’s going to love me in Moldova and Romania. So I really, really wanna fight on King of Kings plus, it’s a great promotion, its multi-national, its the biggest K1 promotion in Eastern Europe – underline K1 it’s not Muay Thai but still I get to hit someone in the face and I’m happy.”

Determined to ‘smash’ Jake Purdy in May

Although there are more fights yet to be confirmed for the “Bodyhammer” and there are various ongoing talks and negotiations for the coming months to be confirmed. One huge fight for UK Muay Thai that has been announced is, Alex Bublea vs. Jake Purdy. Despite having to move up a couple of weight classes for this match-up, the British-Romanian fighter has the eye of the tiger about him for the battle with Purdy.

“And then 6th May I’m fighting in Exeter against the number one ranked fighter in the UK at 72.5 kilos – that’s two weight divisions above me, above my own, Jake Purdy. I’ve been watching Jake for a while, I like him, I think he’s very, very good style. I like the way he clinches, I’m gonna clinch with him as much as I can. Yeah, definitely, I’m going there to f–king smash him because what’s the point otherwise?”

“I will challenge everyone and everything this year, I’m taking it to a whole other level, internationally and nationally as well. So yeah that’s gonna be a good fight me and Jake Purdy.”

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