Two of the UK’s best Thai fighters could be on a collision course, with Muay Thai Grand Prix (MTGP) reportedly working on Charlie Peters vs. Liam Harrison.

Anoop Hothi reports for MMA PLUS that a fight between the pair is being negotiated by MTGP and could happen in the not too distant future.

Both Peters and Harrison appeared on the K1ANOOP podcast this week, following Charlie Peters’s decision loss to Thai legend, Saenchai at Thai Fight London.

Proceeding the event, Peters claimed he is ready to challenge Harrison in a clash of the country’s best.

Peters said: “I’d like to fight the best in the UK. After all I’m ranked number two. I’ve beaten number three, four and five. I know its been put forward to him twice already but I know he’s busy with fights already booked. I know Muay Thai Grand Prix can make it happen if he finds time in his schedule.

“He was in the same position that I was years ago and he was only chasing that number one spot himself.

“It’s a great domestic fight.”

Peters; who wants the fight to take place on MTGP, was also adamant that his home promotion ‘is the biggest show in the UK’, in comparison to Yokkao, where Harrison recently won the vacant -65kg title.

When Peters’s call-out was put to Harrison, “The Hitman” admitted he would consider a potential fight with his London counterpart for the right money.

“As long as I get paid correctly from the guys down at Muay Thai Grand Prix that is fine by me. I’m happy with that. I know that Kieran [Keddle] has been in touch with, Richie [Smith], my coach. I think they were in touch with him this morning to sort something out, so, watch this space.”

At 30-years-old Harrison has established himself as the best -65kg fighter in the UK, having a dominant track record in the North of England, Thailand and beyond.

There’s no doubt that a potential fight with Peters would be one of the biggest clashes between the North and South of England in British Thai Boxing history.