Following a decision win over Mosab Amrani at GLORY 36, Fabio Pinca has expressed his desire for a trilogy fight with Giorgio Petrosyan at 70kg despite ruling out any future fights above 67kg in either kickboxing or Muay Thai.

Pinca and “The Doctor” first met in 2004 – early on in both their careers – with Petrosyan taking the win in their first meeting. They met again in 2012, at GLORY 1 and once again saw Pinca come up short.

“I would really like [another] rematch with him. I can fight at 70 kilo just for this rematch but in Muay Thai rules. The first time I fight him under his rules so, and it was in K1 rules. 70 kilos not my weight, not my style. But if he’s okay fight in Muay Thai rules, five-three minutes, 70 kilo, okay, I fight him. I don’t think he fight very much but he still good.”

Interestingly enough, 2017 seems to be shifting a lot more towards kickboxing for Pinca’s career confirming he’d signed a multiple-fight deal with GLORY Kickboxing, after his decision victory against Liam Harrison at Yokkao 19.

However, his GLORY future will be in the Featherweight (65kg) division which, was the same weight class for his second win over Amrani. The two had fought before in the, 67kg Thai Fight tournament in 2011 final which, Pinca had won by decision.

Although Pinca has flirted before with fighting Petrsoyan at 70kg, the majority of his success throughout his career has been fighting up-to 67kg. Pinca explained why he feels fighting above 67kg isn’t optimal for his career in both K1 and Thai rules.

“I’m at 70 when I eat, eat a lot and don’t train so 70 is not a good fight to, not a good fight to fight. I am good at 65, 66 to 67 maximum.”

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