Superkombat Fighting Championship today announced that two events, including the Superkombat WGP Final Elimination on October 2 in Milan, Italy.

Superkombat CEO Eduard Irimia also revealed that the 2015 World Grand Prix Final will be held on November 7th in Luanda, Angola, marking the first time a major European kickboxing promotion travels to Africa.

Irmia said: “Superkombat established itself as a global promotion and fans from all around the world must have access to this final event, not only in Europe. For sure, will be the biggest combat spectacle and one of the biggest sporting events in Angola’s history. I would like to thank all our partners from Angola, Andrada Servexim Company, and congratulate them for their professionalism.”

It was also announced that the WGP Final in Angola will include four title fights, with the Heavyweight, Super Cruiserweight, Cruiserweight and Light-Heavyweight belts all on the line.

Andrei Stoica currently holds the Super Cruiserweight belt, and has defended the championship three times to date.

The event will be broadcasted live around 93 countries on Eurosport.