Tayfun Ozcan had been joint-top of the 72.5kg Enfusion League (with Nordin Ben Moh) prior to Enfusion Live 46 on February 18, 2017. A second-round doctor’s stoppage due to a badly cut shin resulted in a TKO victory for Jonay Risco who was being dominated by Ozcan, until the fight was ended unexpectedly.

The “Turkish Turbine” aired his frustrations at the doctor’s stoppage via his Facebook page and lambasted both the referee and ringside doctor for ending the fight:

“What I’ve done with yesterday Risco and was doing, have been unable to do Souwer and Jaraya. Stood two thick rounds before was dominating. But then suddenly I have a cut tje in my shin. And decided amateur ring ‘doctor’ I would not even call him, immediately stop party without hesitation. He could also try with tape around it so that I could continue. People with cut on their view may be by much more dangerous.”

“Maybe he wanted to get back at me because I hit his brother ko 2 years ago. They can not stand I’m Enfusion cold to make it. She waited on a small reason to let me quit. But I did not stop. With Allah’s will I come back harder beware. I leave nothing to chance going with last second batch of the League to eight points.”

However, Vinny Shoreman who, had been commentating on the fight ringside, spoke about the injury sustained by Ozcan in more detail, and why such leg injuries have to be taken very seriously from issues in the past, experienced by other fighters. As well as the impact that this unfortunate defeat now has on the Enfusion League going forward.

Click here to watch, listen or download the full podcast: Enfusion Live 46 Recap with Vinny Shoreman.