Tiffany van Soest was in high spirits ahead of her GLORY 36 Super-Bantamweight Grand Prix semi-final showdown with Jessica Gladstone, despite her opponent almost missing weight.

Canadian Gladstone initially came in over the Women’s Super-Bantamweight limit, but after being given two hours by GLORY to make weight she finally tipped the scales at 121.9lbs.

Even though she eventually made the weight limit, tournament favourite van Soest lambasted Gladstone for her ‘disrespectful’ conduct.

“I’ve trained for her, I’m used to fighting bigger people, bigger opponents all the time, a couple hundred grams doesn’t really mean anything to me. Obviously, the professionalism aspect of it, missing weight for a big event like this is a bit unprofessional.

“I find it somewhat irresponsible and disrespectful but at the same time I’m here to fight.”

Should van Soest defeat Gladstone, she will face the winner of opposing semi-final Amel Dehby vs. Isis Verbeek on GLORY Collision.

Aside to her confidence that she will realise her destiny in Oberhausen and become GLORY’s first women’s champion, “Timebomb” also had some strong words for UK standout and online rival Iman “Pretty Killer” Barlow, who the American claimed ran from the opportunity to face her at 120lbs.

“You know she says she wants it and we tried to make it happen in Lion Fight, she said she wouldn’t fight at 120. I won the belt also at 120, vacated it and came over here, we’re in the tournament together.

“She left the tournament; a huge opportunity, goes to Lion Fight and then fights at 120. Seems like someone’s ducking me. She had the opportunity and she ran.”

Watch the full interview with Andreas Georgiou and Tiffany van Soest above.