Darren Stewart
Darren "The Dentist" Stewart - Photo by Cage Warriors/Dolly Clew

After Francimar Borroso filed an official complaint with The Comissao Atletica Brasileira de MMA (CABMMA) over his TKO loss to Darren Stewart at UFC Fight Night 100 on Saturday night, the result of the bout has been overturned and ruled a no-contest on account of a headbutt in the lead up to the end of the fight.

Borroso’s complaint was based on Stewart connecting with an illegal headbutt during a takedown attempt which he says led to the Brit successfully completing the takedown and landing the blows on the ground that finished the fight in the first round.  The Brazilian was also not happy that referee Eduardo Herdy failed to stop the fight on account of the headbutt or use the instant replay option available to him.

Today, CABMMA have released a statement outlining their reasons for the reversal and have officially changed the bout to a no-contest as they have ruled, “the incident did have an effect of the outcome of the fight since it was part of what ended the fight.”

“The referee would have acted differently and asked for time out if he had seen the incident from a better position/angle in the cage, even if not entirely sure of what caused it, since it was being signaled to him by the fighter”, CABMMA COO Cristiano Sampaio stated.

“After the time out, and normal/event replay shown on the big screen and referee identifying it as a contact of head to face, would have given a strong warning to the opponent, advising him to be more careful with clinching attempts using ‘‘head in’’ first movements/contacts,” he continued. “If not identified as it, but rather a normal blow (elbow, punch) and understood that the athlete was trying to misguide the referee to break that moment, the referee would have called the result as a TKO or desistance, since it was the fighter that signalled to the referee to interrupt the moment. But for this case, it should be considered as an unintentional foul.”

The former Cage Warriors standout will surely be disappointed that his UFC debut has been overturned however “The Dentist” is still undefeated and regardless of the headbutt, impressed many with his performance in Sao Paulo, Brazil.