Since Conor McGregor‘s super-fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr there have been questions raised as to what sport McGregor will find himself fighting in next.

After his historic bout at the T-Mobile Arena in September, the Irishman walked away with an unprecedented purse as well as his own promotion, McGregor Sports and Entertainment, being involved in the bout.

This helped McGregor walk away with around $100m in total.

Now, McGregor who looks to emulate the success of his last fight’s contract negotiations in which he was both a fighter and a promoter.

Speaking to the crowd and media during a Q&A at the premiere of the new film Conor McGregor: Notorious in Dublin; the 29-year old claims that he will only make his return to the UFC if the McGregor Sports and Entertainment logo is located inside the Octagon.

“They’ve (UFC) got to entice me now because I came from a billion-dollar fight. You’ve got to entice me with some equity. I want ownership. I want to be true partners in this similar to the way I was in the Floyd fight,” McGregor said during a media scrum filmed by SevereMMA.

“I was a promoter and I was a fighter. That must continue for me to continue. Otherwise, I’ve got many entities and many interests that can carry on also. I’m already set. They must entice me.”

The cards are in Conor McGregor’s hands

There are numerous options on the table for McGregor as he looks to plot his next move, which has left plenty of people waiting in anticipation for what he’ll do next.

McGregor confirmed this last night stating: “There is a couple of different opponents across different sports now, as well as MMA you also have the boxing game clawing to get me in”.

There has been talk of him returning to the boxing ring to fight Paulie Malignaggi since the pair’s bad blood began prior to the Mayweather bout. This, however, was recently dismissed by UFC President Dana White who claimed that McGregor’s next bout will be under the UFC banner.

Two fights the champion has shown an interest in are a unification bout with interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson as well as the trilogy fight with Nate Diaz.

White has previously said a title unifier between Ferguson and McGregor is next on his schedule, but if this is the case then both McGregor and the UFC will have to enter new territory to work on a deal which has never been made in the history of the organisation.

‘The Notorious’ insists there is no doubt he will continue to fight however his top priority is ensuring the right deal for himself as he looks to continue building his empire and legacy.

“I still love fighting,” he said. “I love watching that (movie). I’m twitching watching all them shots being thrown. It’s just something I love to do. I don’t know what it is. I will fight again, no doubt, and I’ll fight multiple times. But when I do do it, I must eliminate all the outside stuff, because there’s so much business stuff, so much personal stuff, so much everything involved in an empire – running it, maintaining it, building it.

“You’ve got all these separate entities growing. I’ve got employees that have employees, and it’s all involved in this whole bubble. So if I truly get back and it’s time to fight again, I must distance myself.”