After UFC Light heavyweight Champion Jon Jones,  and upcoming challenger Anthony Johnson pretended to get heated at a recent press conference, forcing Dana White to throw himself in the middle prevent a brawl, most who saw the prank thought it was just a bit of fun. Most, except for Daniel Cormier who thinks the stunt was a bad move, at least on Johnson’s behalf.

The incident was a parody of the infamous press conference brawl between Jones and then-challenger Cormier, where a routine face-off erupted into chaos but ‘DC’ said he doesn’t think Johnson, as title-challenger, should be getting so cozy with his upcoming opponent.

“That whole little thing they did at the press conference, you don’t want to do that as a challenger,” Cormier said on FOX Sports 1. “Why would Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson want to be Jon Jones’ friend? I understand good sportsmanship, but don’t let him goad you into playing games with him. You are coming to take that guy’s livelihood. You’re his opponent. You go out and get that guy.”

He also said he believes Johnson should be doing more to intimidate and unsettle his rival.

“Don’t give him any comfort. Go after him and intimidate him. They’re going to fight in May, so you don’t need to go out and do it at the press conference. But again, I kind of disagree with that,” he added.

DC, who failed in his own bid to defeat Jones in January, said although he respects Johnson and believes he has a chance, ultimately he sees ‘Bones’ emerging victorious.

“I love ‘Rumble’ Johnson, I think he’s great, and I think he has a fantastic chance, but I believe Jones is going to win.”

The fight is set to take place at UFC 187 on May 23.



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