Female featherweight star Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino has been cited for misdemeanour battery after an altercation with UFC strawweight, Angela Magana.

MMA Junkie recently confirmed details of the incident and the citation where “Cyborg” had allegedly punched Magana in what the strawweight described as ‘roid rage’.

The incident in question took place at the UFC’s athlete retreat in Las Vegas at around 2:30pm PT. The feud had begun prior to the retreat, on social media and Justino’s strike was believed to be in response to a series of unnerving tweets from Magana.

Shortly after the altercation, Magana tweeted that she was a victim of roid rage; alluding to her recent situation with USADA, and that UFC officials called the police. Magana claimed that she would be pressing charges against Justino. Magana continued to post about the situation, including a tweet showcasing her lip.

It is reported by TMZ Sports that the injuries caused to Magana are an “acute head injury, cervical strain and laceration of the lip.”

After being cited for misdemeanour battery, Justino could either face six months in jail or community service should she be found guilty.

Magana has asked for now, that reports be kept under wraps until the official verdict comes back from the police, regarding the 145lb star’s punishment.