Conor McGregor is nothing if not a man of his word. The Irishman did as he promised and got his hands on the championship gold, albeit in plunderous fashion after snatching it from champion Jose Aldo during the final leg of their UFC 189 world media tour.

As the 10-city tour drew to its conclusion in Ireland, tensions hit fever pitch as McGregor (17-2) reacted to Aldo (25-1) proclaiming to be the “king of Dublin,” by reaching across the stage table and snatching the belt from the Brazilian.

Aldo, who has been goaded by McGregor throughout the tour, reacted angrily and both men had to be separated to ensure the violence is postponed until their Octagon meeting on July 11th.

The Irish fans created a raucous atmosphere, passionately cheering for ‘The Notorious’ throughout the event, but the loudest moment by far came when their hometown hero momentarily swiped the belt.

UFC president Dana White, who chaired the press conference, also revealed plans are in motion for the next event in the country, subject to logistical wrangling.

The Irish fans will be hoping that the next time the show is in town, the belt is McGregor’s for keeps.