Anderson Silva could certainly do with some support right now, and it appears he has found it in the form of his employers, after the UFC announced their intentions to stand by him despite his positive drug test.

The Brazilian tested positive for drostanolone and androstone, both anabolic steroids, prior to last Saturday’s victory over Nick Diaz, but despite the revelation Dana White has announced ‘the Spider’ will still participate as a coach on the upcoming TUF Brazil series.

The UFC has been criticised in the past for its perceived leniency towards drugs infringements, and with the sport being continually dogged by some of its fighters’ use of PEDs (and other drugs, in the case of Jon Jones) some may have expected the organisation to take a firmer stance.

But UFC president Dana White said: “Anderson Silva has been one of the greatest athletes this sport has ever seen. He has had a long and distinguished career in mixed martial arts. In his nine years with the UFC, Anderson has never tested positive for a banned substance. In light of this, we want to ensure that Anderson gets his due process and we will support him during this time,”

Silva, meanwhile, released a statement on Wednesday protesting his innocence. It read: “I’ve been competing in this sport for a very long time. This is my nineteenth fight in the UFC. I have been thoroughly tested many times and have never had a positive drug test. I have not taken any performance enhancing drugs. My stance on drugs is, and will always be, the same. I’m an advocate for a clean sport.”

It appears the Brazilian has a difficult job on his hands explaining how two anabolic steroids managed to find their way into his system, but in the meantime it looks like his place opposite ‘Shogun’ Rua as a coach on the new “The Ultimate Fighter Brasil’ is secure.


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