Adam Proctor Post-BAMMA 33

After an impressive display against one of the trickiest fighters on the whole BAMMA roster, Adam Proctor shared his thoughts on his stunning win over Nathan Jones at BAMMA 33.

The fight represented a huge step-up in class for the SBG Southshields fighter as he fought Jones on his promotional debut, the man whom just fought for the world title against Alex Lohore.

The local favourite would take the fight to the ground early on in the opening round against one of the promotions best ground fighters, then he would transition to the back of Jones and sink in the choke, winning in emphatic fashion.

Talking backstage with Proctor, confidence shone through. “I felt confident going in, I had no worries and never felt like I was in any danger.”

“I think Sam Boult was a big step-up and tonight was another step-up considering that Nathan had just fought for the world title. I feel like it’s gradual steps and I’m on my way to the top.”

Understandably, after such a convincing victory over the former title challenger, Proctor’s name has been thrown into the mix to compete for the title against the current belt-holder Alex Lohore.

Proctor revealed this was an ambition of his, quoting “I would love to fight the winner of them two [Lohore and Terry Brazier] and I would love to fight for the BAMMA world title.”

When asked if the South-Shields native believed if the North-east could play host to more big shows after such a successful event, Proctor explained why he thinks the region will only continue to get more shows in the future.

“I think there’ll be more, it looked packed out there tonight so I do not see why there won’t be more from here on.”

Being one of the emerging figures in North-east mixed martial arts, Proctor revealed his delight at the rapid growth of MMA in the North-east and also at the opportunity to replicate the success experienced by his coach, Alex Enlund, who retired as a fighter this year.

“I think it’s great for the North-East and personally for me; it’s great fighting in my back yard, fighting in a big arena; something I watched my coach do and now have had the chance to do myself and get the win.”

Questions loom over when Proctor will next enter the cage after such a quick submission and dominant performance in Newcastle, but one thing is certain; Proctor remains one of the favourites to be contending for the title after Lohore faces Brazier.

Whilst a title shot may not be his next fight, it is likely that Proctor will return to the cage in the near future, giving that he was unscathed in his last outing.

Whilst there is no news on the next bout, with the next announced show being March 9th at Wembley, with Lohore headlining against Brazier, the date seems ideal given the prospect of Proctor impressing again and sending a message to the winner of the strap.