Aaron Chalmers. Photo Credit: BAMMA [Cropped]

What’s the best way to follow up an impressive debut victory and really silence the haters? By facing an amateur on a losing streak of four, of course. Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers will next face Alex Thompson on September 15, at the SSE Arena in Wembley Stadium, London.

Though first seen as a publicity stunt, Chalmers went on to win his debut in impressive style when he submitted Greg Jenkins in the very first round, much to the bemusement of fans in attendance.

Aaron Chalmers celebrates his win at BAMMA 29. Screenshot Dave.

Despite the notion that Chalmers would be making a step-up in the level of competition, it seems BAMMA have called for all reinforcements available to protect the status of the reality star and keep their cash-cow grazing.

Whilst it could be argued that this is good matchmaking from a financial point of view, it certainly is not what the fans wanted to see and will still give very little indication on to how capable a fighter Aaron actually is.

However, what the matchup does provide is a different style for Chalmers. Whilst Jenkins was supposedly strong on the standup, it is thought that AVT’s Thompson is much more of a grappler and is likely to succeed in the department Jenkins lacked in Birmingham. How true this is, only time will tell.

Thompson who currently holds a record of (2-4) can not be ruled out, however. Despite the poor record, he has faced star names such as Akonne WanlissMadars Fleminas and Pawel Kurcharski, some of the hottest names on the European MMA scene… we promise.