The final card has been released for BAMMA 21, which takes place this Saturday from the Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham, and sees several high profile match-ups cancelled.

Straight Blast Gym’s Chris Fields is off the card due to injury. The Irish fighter was originally scheduled to face Poland’s Marcin “Mad Boy” Prostko, however an injury saw Christopher Jacqueline step in as a late replacement. Now, with an ironic twist of fate, Fields has suffered an injury of his own, but will likely be added to BAMMA 22.

The predicted fight of the night between Tim Wilde and Jack McGann is also off the card, due to Wilde suffering a training injury. The Netherlands’ Clayton ‘The Candyman’ Henriques will step in short notice to face one of the UK’s deadliest prospects.

Also, Wendle Lewis has been replaced by Sergiu Berdila (1-0) in a welterweight contest against ‘Dirty’ Harry Marple.

Elsewhere, Dayman Lake will be replaced by Ashley Pollard (4-6) against Thomas Denham, citing personal reasons, and an injury to Cheya Saleem sees him replaced by Arno Dos Santas against UKMMAF representative in the 2014 IMMAF World Championships Jamie Powell.


MAIN EVENT – Vacant BAMMA Middleweight Title
Andy ‘Lion’s Paw’ Devent vs. Cheick ‘Cheickoss’ Kone

CO-MAIN EVENT – Vacant BAMMA Heavyweight Title
Mark ‘Hand Of’ Godbeer vs. Paul ‘Titan’ Taylor

International Lightweight Bout
Clayton ‘The Candyman’ Henriques vs. Jack ‘The Pilgrim’ McGann*

International Lightweight Bout
‘The Beast’ Mike Brightmon vs. Rob ‘C4’ Sinclair


Bantamweight Bout
Shay Walsh Vs. Gaz ‘Spitfire’ Pilot

Welterweight Bout
‘Dirty’ Harry Marple Vs. Sergiu Berdila

Heavyweight Bout
Tom Aspinall Vs. Stuart ‘He-Man’ Austin

Lightweight Bout
Wayne ‘Silent Assassin’ Drake Vs. Tobias ‘The Development’ Reid

Heavyweight Bout
Ashley Pollard Vs. Thomas Denham

International Lightweight Bout
Damian Frankiewicz vs. Mike Grundy

Flyweight Bout
Jamie Powell vs. Arno Dos Santas

BAMMA 21 Amateur Undercard

Lightweight Bout
Nathan ‘NDogg’ Clayton Vs. Matt Figlak

Welterweight Bout
Dan ‘Pork Chop’ Cassell Vs. Ben ‘Bad Man’ Bennett