MMA Plus brings you live updates from BAMMA 22 at the 3 Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

Prelim bouts

Flyweight: Keith Coady def. Arno Dos Santos – TKO (arm injury), round 1

Featherweight: Alexandre Liete def. Gerrard Gilmore – Submission (Triangle Choke), round 2

Bantamweight: Patrick Wixtead def. Connor Dillon – TKO, round 2

Bantamweight: Mark Andrew def. Sean Tobin – Submission (guillotine choke), round 3

Lightweight: Tim Wilde Def. Stephen Coll – Unanimous Decision

Light-heavyweight: Paul Craig Def. Karl Moore – Submission (Guillotine Choke), round 2

Dylan Tuke Def. Adam Caffrey – Submission (Rear-Naked-Choke), round 1

Rhys McKee Def. John Redmond – Submission (Rear-Naked-Choke), round 1

Heavyweight: Lukasz Parobiec Def. Jonathan Dargan – TKO, round 1

Featherweight: Frans Mlambo Def. Darren O’Gorman – TKO, round 1

Sinead Kavanagh Def. Hatice Ozyurt – TKO, round 1

Lightweight: Kane Mousah Def. Myles Price – Unanimous Decision

BAMMA-Lonsdale lightweight championship: Marc Diakiese Def. Rick Selvarajah – Knockout, round 1

Paul Byrne Def. Conor Cook – TKO, round 1

Lightweight: Jack McGann Def. Jack Grant – TKO, round 1

Main Card play-by-play

Catherine Costigan vs. Celine Haga

Round 1:

Both fighters come out tense and tie up against the fence. They go to ground and Haga maintains side control, landing short elbows as Costigan works her way back to the feet. Costigan gets to her knees but Haga holds of an arm and works back and forth for a triangle choke. Unable to secure the choke effectively, she hold the position and eventually submits Costigan with a well timed transition to the arm-bar.

BAMMA-Lonsdale bantamweight championship – Regis Sugden Vs. Alan Philpott

Round 1:

Striking expert Sugden appears cautious, waiting to pick his moment. Philpott dishes out leg kicks and tags the face of Sugden, leaving a mark on the left side of his face. Sugden attempts a spinning wheel kick but misses, Philpott looks to be gaining confidence, perhaps surprised by Sugden’s reservedness. Philpott attempts his own spinning wheel kick with a smile to end the round.

Round 2:

Philpott’s hands continue to look confident, he even passes on opportunities to go to the ground. Sugden stuns the Northern Irishman and looks to finish but Philpott gets back to his feet after grabbing Sugden’s leg for a submission threat. Surprisingly, Philpott, the more experienced grappler, continues to pass up opportunities to go to the ground. Sugden lands a punch that puts Philpott on one knee but the bout remains competitive.

Round 3:

Philpott comes out looking to land strong hooks, Sugden responds with a front kick to the face. Sugden’s combinations remain scarce but the experienced leg kicks begin to creep through. Philpott lands a right hand to set up a takedown and works to pass Sugden’s guard. Back on the feet Philpott looks for another takedown but Sugden escapes. Sugden’s corner becomes more and more vocal as the round plays out. 10 seconds and Sugden remains calm, but Philpott seems to have been the more successful of the two.

Philpott wins via split-decision and tries to take the belt despite having missed weight.

Chris Fields Vs. Christopher Jacquelin

Round 1:

Fields makes sure not to run into the same mistake as he did with Kone, cautiously, striking before setting up a takedown . They clinch against the fence and Fields attempts to pull a kimura on the ground. The submission is tight but Jasquelin rolls nicely to relieve the strain. Fields transitions to an arm-bar but his French opponent works to butterfly guard. Fields end the round in Jacquelin’s half guard.

Rounds 2:

Jacquelin teases a big overhand but Fields responds with a leg kick. The Irishman looks to lean on his opponent against the fence and eventually drags Jacquelin to the ground but the Frenchman nullifies fields with his guard. Fields stand up, controlling the legs of his opponent before heading back into Jacquelin’s guard.

Jacquelin pulls Fields into a triangle and completes the submission to stun the crowd who gradually sneak out of the arena.

BAMMA World featherweight championship – Tom Duquesnoy Vs. Brendan Loughnane

Round 1:

Duquesnoy tags Loughnane with a knee to the face as they clinch. Loughnane is considerably larger and tags the champion with a headkick. Both fighters are energetic, taking turns to move forward with offence. Duquesnoy leans on the challenger against the fence and attempts a spinning back elbow. Loughnane stuns the champion and sends him retreating. Loughnane looks to follow up on the feet and the Frenchman is clearly hurt yet firing back. The Englishman has the Irish fans behind him and regains composure to see out the round.

Round 2:

Duquesnoy shoots straight in for a takedown and works heavy strikes from inside Loughnane’s guard. Loughnane gets back to his feet after a sweep. Both fighters are picking their moments on the feet, landing solid blows individually. Duquesnoy has a cut on his right cheek. The champion looks again for a spinning back elbow against the fence, they separate and the offensive momentum begins to trade back and forth again, the action is constant. Loughnane shoots in for a takedown, Duquesnoy sprawls successfully but is tagged twice on his way back to the feet and the round ends.

Round 3:

Both fighters are showcasing good cardio. The third round provides fewer connections but each man looking for a way in., Loughnane looks ready t counter-strike. Duquesnoy’s shots begin to come up short and Loughnane responds with jabs. Duquesnoy looks tired and begins to limp, possibly as a result of leg kicks, Loughnane’s shin is bleeding from the connections.