The Money Shot! Aaron Chalmers posts on Twitter. Credit: Aaron Chalmers/Twitter

Thousands flooded to the North-eastern capital of Newcastle to see Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers back in action, and the fans were not to be disappointed with another first-round finish from Chalmers.

Aaron Chalmers’s position as the co-main event of BAMMA 33 was pivotal in selling out the Metro Radio Arena and securing the ITV4 broadcast deal. 

In Karl Donaldson, it seemed Chalmers had the first ‘serious’ and semi-respectable opponent of his career. However, after surviving an early wobble, he regrouped and put on a boxing clinic.

Donaldson came forward, looking to attack the home fighter in hope of causing an upset and de-railing the hype train. However, it was to no avail as the former Geordie Shore star won in emphatic fashion.

Despite another impressive display, ‘The Joker’ believes the criticism will never stop.

Speaking backstage to the media, Chalmers elaborated.

“I don’t think I’ll ever silence the critics, as long as I fight, there will always be critics but it spurs me on. The more people say I can’t do it, I prove them wrong,” he said.

Chalmers understood the criticism but insisted nobody else would turn down the offer he was made from BAMMA and he had to take it.

In terms of the future, the Newcastle native will be looking towards Baby Slice in what would be a mega-fight in terms of recognition and popularity.

The son of Kimbo Slice; who sadly passed away in 2016, is looking to further the legacy by fighting in his father’s name.