Now and then, a real gem is unearthed in UKMMA. A fighter that dazzles and never fails to impress with every performance. If he hasn’t been already, Fabian Edwards certainly has been unearthed now after another steller performance at BAMMA 33.

In what was his toughest test on paper to date, the Birmingham native faced knockout artist  Louis King, who was entering just his second MMA fight as a professional.

Both fighters had majorly impressed prior to the night; Edwards with two highlight-reel knockouts and King with a swift finish of Andrei Manzolo.

In the world of kickboxing and UK1 (kickboxing with MMA gloves) King has tasted a great deal of success due to his well documented KO power. As a result, the man known as “KO” made for an interesting opponent for Edwards who is also known for his striking prowess, as well as being a well-rounded mixed martial artist.

However, Edwards would utilise the wide range of tools he possesses by in the very first minute of the opening round, ‘The Assassin’ would execute a slick takedown and quickly transition to his opponents back locking on a rear-naked choke, forcing his opponent to tap.

The confidence of Edwards, sometimes perceived as arrogance, is a trademark feature of his personality. But one thing is for sure, with the results he is claiming, he is backing it up and earning that right.

Backstage, media caught up with a jubilant Fabian Edwards who was understandably overjoyed and seemingly amused by his quick victory.

On being asked on the easiness of the bout, the UTC athlete quoted “I didn’t break a sweat, I’m f-cking dry. I want someone who can give me a fight, I haven’t been f-cking touched in my last eight fights including amateur.”

It seems with Edwards on the ascendancy, a title shot is in order, despite the lack of belief in the match-up happening. “Shipman won’t fight me. But we will see.”

Being one of Birmingham’s finest alongside Birmingham being a hotbed for MMA in the UK, Edwards has declared his interest in headlining a Birmingham card and revealed he had already mentioned it to the promotion.