Colin Fletcher - Photo Credit: BAMMA

Sunderland’s own Colin Fletcher cut aA frustrated figure after his decision loss to Frenchman Anthony Dizy at BAMMA 33 in Newcastle.

‘Freakshow’ made his feelings known at the pre-fight presser on Thursday, stating of his opponent “he is very much a wrestler. To be honest, it bores the f-ck out of me but I have to deal with it.”

However, the fan favourite failed to do so, with Dizy smothering Fletcher in all three rounds. Despite the dominent perfromance by the Frenchmen question marks were raised by some in attentance because of referee Rich Mitchell alledged refusal to encourage action, with the Frenchman essentially laying on the home fighter for the majority of the fight.

As a result, much to the crowd’s, Fletcher’s and his team’s bemusement, Dizy cruised to a unanimous decision victory with two of the judges scoring the contest 30-26.

Fuelled  emotion, backstage, Fletcher shared his thoughts on the matter.

“I’m just apologetic to the people that watched that in all honesty. I knew he’d take me down and hold my hips. But I didn’t realise how boring a single man can be”.

The fans in attendance at the Metro Radio Arena were left bitterly disappointed, not only by the lack of action, but their hometown hero failing to claim the win.

“I’m a person who comes to fight, to entertain people” Fletcher said. “I am massively upset. That was f-cking ridiculous. It’s a bad representation for MMA in general. His work-rate was so f-cking minuscule.”

The 34-year-old lambasted any talk of retirement, insisting he would fight again.

“After that, whoever offers me a FIGHT. He offered me a fight, I’d snap his hand off, I’m going to have to go to the gym on Monday and have a fight with one of the lads.”

Fletcher hinted that another BAMMA appearance may be next despite existing ties with Made 4 The Cage.