Terry Brazier, BAMMA 28. BAMMA / Marc Moggridge 2017. No unauthorised use without written consent.

BAMMA Breakout Star of 2016 nominee Terry Brazier is aiming to hold the Welterweight championship by the end of 2017, even if he has to face training partner Alex Lohore.

Brazier (7-1) picked up a unanimous decision victory over Niklas Stolze at BAMMA 27 in Dublin, Ireland, extending his unbeaten run to six, with two wins inside the BAMMA promotion.

It was a steady performance from “The Dominator” who had hoped for a striking battle with Stolze, but was instead called upon to utilise his grappling game in a relatively comfortable outing.

“I was pleased with myself,” commented a victorious Brazier. “For us in the camp it was than just winning, it was about showing I could keep calm under pressure and I could keep my cool and prove I can do what I do in training and that’s not just rush the fight and get it over with. I think that’s the impression people got of me, that I was just a rush man but obviously in training we do five, fives, I’m training with guys like Bradley Scott and I was sparring with these sort of guys and holding my own.”

30-year-old Brazier has made a reputation for himself as a proficient finisher, with four TKOs and one submission in his first five wins. However, his last two performances – arguably against much tougher opposition – have both been decision victories, but it isn’t something which worries Brazier, who welcomes the chance to get more cage time.

“No I enjoy it, I’m loving it because I know I’ve got the cardio for it and to be honest when the fight’s over so quick that’s almost a bit of a disappointment. I’m there to fight, I’ve put eight weeks hard work in and I’m just enjoying being in there. I felt like I could have rushed, I felt a lot stronger, a lot more comfortable than I thought I would with his credentials.  Everyone’s been boosting him up, he’s got this amazing K-1 record but when I got in there I didn’t feel in danger at one point whatsoever.“

On the joint BAMMA 27, Bellator 169 card on December 16, two other Welterweights in action were Nathan Jones and Walter Gahadza, in one of the division’s most anticipated fights to date. Despite a tough start, Jones rallied and took a split decision over previously undefeated Gahadza. Reflecting on the fight, Brazier felt confident he could beat either man, especially Gahadza.

“We all watched it, me and my coaches were there live and watched it. If I was the opponent to either of them I’d feel comfortable. I’d actually quite like to fight Walter because I think our styles would be good, that would be a good fight. Either really, but I’d rather fight Walter.

“If you’re winning 16 in a row it doesn’t matter who they’re against, you’ve got to have something about you. The guys in there might not be as high level as people would have liked, but you look at all pro boxers, they go 40-0 and they haven’t fought anyone, I don’t think it’s a bad thing getting that cage experience.  If I was 16-0 I’d like to be further along in my career than he is, but each to their own, he held his own and it was a good fight.”

With the BAMMA Welterweight division continuing to go from strength-to-strength, Brazier admitted he is open to fighting anyone at 170lbs. With the injection of talent such as Jones, Gahadza, and the newly signed Alex Lohore, Brazier clarified he won’t turn down fights, and that he would even agree to fighting teammate Lohore if the world title was on the line.

“I think it’s great, it’s a strong division, it’s a great division to be in, I know every fight I’m going to get is going to be exciting so it’s great for me, I’m not shying away from it whatsoever.

“If there’s one person I won’t fight it’s Alex Lohore, he’s my boy, we train together but when he got signed we rung each other up and discussed the fact there’s no need to fight each other unless it’s for the world title. If he’s got it at the end of 2017 and I get offered it, I’m going for it. We’re both in the sport to entertain and I think that would be a great fight too.

“I want the Lonsdale belt for sure, early next year and by the end of next year I want that world title.”