Cage Warriors prepare to stage one of their strongest cards of the year this weekend, with fighters from all corners of Europe meeting in Birmingham to weigh in for CW109.

Lightweight champion Jai Herbert tipped the scales at 154.7 lbs for his first defence against Californian UFC veteran Cain Carrizosa (155 lbs).

‘The Cannon’ issued a statement after hitting championship weight: 

“In 3 years I’ve gone from being dropped from another promotion for not selling enough tickets, to now winning a world title and headlining a card in front of thousands of fans. 

“I’m in the spotlight now and it’s time to prove I belong here. The Cage Warriors title has sent so many guys to the UFC, and I’m next.”

Will a big win send Herbert himself to the biggest stage of all, or can Carrizosa add Cage Warriors gold to his collection, derail the hometown hero and make it back to the UFC himself?

Saturday night has the answers.

In the co-main event, former champion Dean Trueman (145.5 lbs) takes on surging French contender Morgan Charrière (135.6 lbs) in one of the most anticipated non-title bouts of the year.

The card also features an appearance from former title challenger Brian Bouland, who takes on Birmingham native Chris Miah.

Full CW108 weigh in results

Main Card

Jai Herbert (c) 154.7 lbs vs Cain Carrizosa 155 lbs

Morgan Charrière 145.2 lbs vs. Dean Trueman 145.5 lbs

Brian Bouland  134.2 lbs vs. Chris Miah 135.6 lbs

Samir Alekozai  145.4 lbs vs. Perry Goodwin 145.7 lbs

Mick Stanton 184.9 lbs vs. Michael Younis 183.2 lbs

Pro Prelims

Konmon Deh 148.7 lbs vs. Jordan Vucenic 149 lbs

George Hardwick 169.6 lbs vs. Madars Fleminas 169.6 lbs

George Smith 185.1 lbs vs. Jenaid Ebanks 183.3 lbs

Amateur Card

Greg Williams 182.9 lbs vs. Marcus Mee 183.lbs

Alistair Fitzharris 145.9 lbs vs. Kieran Timmins 144.8 lbs

Levi Steedman 124.8 lbs vs. Danielle Hutton 124.6 lbs