Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy - Credit: Facebook/Tom Hardy

Although Tom Hardy is known as an on-screen hard man, it’s still a surprise to see one of the UK’s leading MMA fighters, Nathan “Mr Bag & Tag” Jones, putting him through his paces in preparation for his starring role in the upcoming Sony/Marvel Comics movie “Venom.”

Posting clips of his training on Instagram, Mad Max and The Dark Knight Rises star Hardy was hitting the pads at Richmond Fitness Club in Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey where Jones works as a personal trainer.

Hardy, who’s known for his meticulous and detailed preparation for each of his roles, has a previous background in MMA training after doing six hours a day of boxing, muay thai and jiu-jitsu ahead of filming 2011’s “Warrior.” The 39-year-old actor also went through stunning physical transformations and bulked up to play Britain’s most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson and Batman villain Bane on the big screen.

The Hollywood star reunited with The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan for this summer’s World War II blockbuster Dunkirk with the film due to hit cinemas later this month on July 21.

Meanwhile, Jones (11-5) came out victorious over countryman Umer Kayani in his most recent bout at Bellator 179 and will face French welterweight rival Alex Lohore at BAMMA 31 in September.