Former GLORY welterweight contender, Chad Sugden, will be fighting in his fifth professional boxing bout on December 15 against, Alistair Warren, at the Derby County football stadium over six rounds at super-middleweight.

Sugden is currently undefeated in pro boxing in four fights, having made the transition from Kickboxing last year, after growing frustrated at what felt, was a lack of progress in securing a title shot against then champion, Nieky Holzken. Sugden had defeated Murthel Groenhart who, was then the number on contender, by decision at GLORY 23 in August, 2015 in Las Vegas but chose not return to the heights of world kickboxing thereafter.

“I’m number 20 now, by the end of next year I’ll be top 10 I reckon and then hopefully, getting in with some of the big names. I’m planning on going all the way to the top like I did in kickboxing. Always been a good boxer, been a better boxer than I am a kickboxer and I think I’m going to be at the top one day. Some big things in the pipeline for next year for me but i’m just waiting for that all to come together and I’m looking forward to it.”

2Slick” lived up to his fight name in the kickboxing ring, with his evasive footwork and smart ring craft that give him an advantage against, the majority of his past opponents. Sugden first fought for GLORY in 2013 at GLORY 5 in London with a decision win over Sam Wilson; and would then capture the, 72.5kg ISKA Oriental Rules world championship two months later. A year before, Chad had won the, 70kg Fight Sport Grand Prix Max against Kerrith Bhella, in the final of the 8-man tournament.

“Kickboxing’s done me good because lot of boxers get looked after, this and that but I went out there in the kickboxing world, I fought in K-1, I fought aboard, away from home plenty of times. I’ve had the rough with the smooth. I’ve come out of my kickboxing career doing more than most people do in a whole career at the age of 21 / 22 and now as a boxer I plan on breaking records and doing stuff that other British guys don’t do.”

“It’s exciting because there a lot of fighters round my weight at top of the world level in Britain so, there’s some big domestic fights out there for me as well in the future. You’ve got the James de Gales of this world and Callum Smith whose up there.”