Photo: James Law/GLORY Sports International

Danyo Ilunga doesn’t feel any added pressure to put on another fight of the year with Michael Duut during Saturday’s GLORY: Redemption. Instead, “Dibuba” tells MMA Plus he wants to show a different approach.

“There will be punching, kicking, pressure, but also in a clever way,” Ilunga says about his upcoming fight. “I really enjoyed the fight (with Duut) last time. It was one of the fights I really liked, I kept on laughing after the fight. When you watch it, it was just nice. But it was not clever.

“I always give good fights. Always. Since I’ve started in GLORY, I’m one of the oldest fighters of GLORY and always show the people heart, power, and good fights. Everybody that knows me, knows that my fight is always nice to see. I will do what I always do, but with much more cleverness.”

Ilunga and Duut put on GLORY’s fight of the year 2016 on last year’s GLORY: Collision, as voted by the fans, which also was the reason for GLORY to set up the rubber match on the pay-per-view portion of Saturday’s event.

For the Congolese-German, there’s another pressure that comes with this bout. He’s is currently on a seven fight-skid, so he hopes to break the losing streak with a second career win over the Dutchman.

“I had seven fights lost, it’s getting myself pressure. You have to get back to your win streak. It’s a pressure, but it’s a good pressure for me, a motivation,” Ilunga says.