Photo: James Law/GLORY Sports International

Eyevan Danenberg anticipates that Jamie Bates will fight a different style against him when the two welterweights fight each other on the GLORY 49 SuperFight Series on Saturday.

Bates, a tall fighter for welterweight standing at 1.85m but Danenberg is even taller at 1.93m. That’s why “Mister Cool” thinks the Englishman has to bring to fight to him instead of fighting patiently.

“Normally, he waiting and anticipates the (other) fighter and stuff”, Danenberg tells MMA Plus. “I’m a longer fighter, I think he has to bring me the fight because he doesn’t have the reach advantage anymore.”

That being said, Danenberg says he doesn’t plan to fight any different that he’s used to and wants to make the bout ‘business as usual’:

“I will be the active fighter. It’s not his style to fight active and stuff because he’s usually waiting for the opponent to come to him. I will be the active fighter tomorrow, I will bring him the fight.”

Danenberg, who’s currently ranked 11th in the GLORY welterweight rankings, expects to get in the top ten with a win over Bates.