Former GLORY Kickboxing champion Marc de Bonte has been reported as missing by the Dutch and Belgium authorities since November 5.

De Bonte did not return home from socialising in Turnhout, Belgium the night before.

Yesterday, Opsporing Verzocht, a Dutch TV program that is similar to the BBC’s Crimewatch, broadcast an appeal to the general public for any information that could help the ongoing police investigation to find Marc de Bonte.

According to, Opsporing Verzocht, they have an audience of ‘1.3 million viewers’ and their past appeals for other unresolved cases have resulted in approximately 50% of them being solved. Following last night’s TV appeal, they have received six calls regarding de Bonte as at the early morning of November 9.

It has been reported that, de Bonte had informed his partner, Marly de Laat, that he would return to their joint home in Best, Netherlands. However, the next day on November 5, he still hadn’t returned home and none of his friends or family were able to contact him via his mobile phone.

His car was found unattended on November 6 but there were no reported signs of any obvious foul play. The next day, the canal near to where his car was found was also searched by the authorities but nothing was reportedly found yesterday, in-relation to the ongoing investigation.

The former GLORY champion had recently returned to professional kickboxing after pursuing a career in pro boxing in Germany over the last two years. However, after seeking legal advice and then terminating his (pro boxing) management contract due to missed payments, de Bonte had a winning return to kickboxing in September, at Kunlun Fight 51.

Also, de Bonte had very recently announced that he had signed a three year multiple-fight contract with Enfusion Live which allowed him the flexibility to fight outside of Enfusion; leaving the door open to a potential clash with, the current GLORY Welterweight champion, Nieky Holzken.

In de Bonte’s most recent interview before his disappearance, he was generally optimistic about the future and supporting Enfusion to enhance its brand in, Europe and globally. As well as making his Enfusion debut against the defending 85kg champion, Ibrahim El Boustati, in February 2017.

El Boustati and many others have taken to Facebook and other social media apps, to help raise awareness about de Bonte’s disappearance and are hopeful that he will return home safely.

Anyone with any possible information can contact Opsporing Verzocht directly.