Jhonata Diniz talking about next fight in GLORY - James Law/GLORY Sports International

Brazilian Jhonata Diniz returns to GLORY Kickboxing this Friday in Los Angeles fighting on the GLORY 37: SuperFight Series.

After a period of time away from the promotion, Diniz spent some time with Russian promotion Absolute Combat Berkut (ACB KB) winning the Heavyweight title but returns to face Slovakian fighter, Tomas Mozny.

Taking the opportunity, one of the best prospects in Brazilian kickboxing, Jhonata wants to make a statement in his fight at L.A. Live. With a record of 2-3 in the promotion, Diniz has fought the likes of Rico Verhoeven and Daniel Ghita in the past.

“It’s a conquest to me, getting a second chance,” explained Diniz, talking to MMA Plus. “I will not disappoint the fans and promoters of GLORY. I spent three months [preparing] for this return and you will see a new version of me. With much dedication, focus and a more aggressive style in the ring.”

Despite a flourishing Heavyweight division, Diniz claimed not to be happy with his fellow fighters, criticising them for their lack of finishes.

“We do not have big names in Heavyweight division, if you make a comparison with the last [few] years. Now, we have good fighters like Jamal Ben Saddik and Guto Inocente, guys that go for a knockout but in my opinion, we need to deliver more emotions in the fights. Many fighters tried to take a win by decision, the same way Rico Verhoeven did in most of his fights. That isn’t the essence of Kickboxing,” advised Diniz.

At 24-years-old and 8-5 kickboxing record, Jhonata worked hard with his team in Netherlands to face Mozny this Friday and believes he has a solid strategy to get another win on GLORY.

“My team help me a lot, doing a good strategy to this fight. Jamal (Bem Saddik) and Errol (Zimmermann) are amazing training partners and emulate his style for me in camp. I’m going to show to the fans his weakness in that fight, using my best skills to beat this guy. I’m not wasting this opportunity,” ended Jhonata.