GLORY Kickboxing

Earlier today K-1 Global issued a press release on GLORY Kickboxing and their usage of the K-1 fight library, which is slated to land on UFC Fight Pass anytime soon.

GLORY made the announcement on February 12, that alongside the live GLORY SuperFight Series broadcasts, the fight libraries of GLORY, It’s Showtime and K-1 would also be distributed through the UFC’s online streaming platform.

In short, K-1 Global stated that GLORY Kickboxing does not in fact own the rights to distribute any ‘K-1 related assets throughout the world’.

Well, GLORY have hit back, with an official response to the claims made by K-1 Global, refuting the reports made:

“Unfounded claims about GLORY’s rights to broadcast the K-1 library were first made in 2013 and they remain unfounded today. We have no reservations about our rights in regard to the library. We are aware of the properties that fall under our ownership and confident in that fact.”