Maurice Greene fights Romanian kickboxing politician, Cătălin Moroșanu at GLORY 38 in Chicago, Friday night at the Sears Center.

The bout will be Moroșanu’s GLORY debut whereas Greene is coming off a knockout loss to British heavyweight Chi Lewis-Parry at GLORY 32.

Funnily enough, “Moe the Pirate” ended up replacing Lewis-Parry, who was initially matched with Moroșanu. When Maurice received the call to step in and fight Cătălin, he didn’t have to think twice about accepting the bout and the opportunity to bounce back over one Europea’s biggest kickboxing names.

“The good thing this time is I’m really in shape now. I just had a newborn before the Chi fight, it’s not an excuse but I came in heavy. So, I’m in shape now, I’m ready to have some fun. I watch a lot of his fights, he seems like a tough dude, tough guy. I think of him like I think of everybody else, I prepare for what they good for and I make adjustments during the fight.

“He’s a bit of a boxer, I don’t know if he knows, I can box a little bit too.”

Photo credit: Glory Sports Intl

However, the Romanian’s kickboxing experience (42-10) far exceeds that of Greene (4-3) who, admitted he didn’t fully prepare as well as he could of, for his last outing against “Chopper Chi” but what has the American fighter done since then to improve both his preparation and himself technically?

“A change of camp, different hours at work, I mean there’s a lot of things that can change. My daughter’s older so she doesn’t need as much pampering as before, you know, not a newborn anymore. There’s a lot of things that changed. My head coach, Matt Lagou, does my striking now.”

“For lack of better words, he’s just as good as anybody. His perception on striking and he trained at Wanderlei Silva’s gym. He was one of his first students before he came back here but his perception on striking and how to throw strikes, it mixes well with me. He may not be the smartest one but he mixes well with my thinking altogether.”