Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sports Intl

Murthel Groenhart got his new year off to winning ways with a third round knockout win against Thongchai Sitsongpeenong at GLORY 38 SuperFight Series in Chicago over the weekend but the Mike’s Gym fighter didn’t have it all his way to start with, in the fight.

Having said he would look to put the pressure on the former Rajadamnern stadium champion, it was “The Predator” himself who, found himself under more pressure to start with. However as the first round would end, the tide had turned completely with Groenhart throwing bombs and having Thongchai looking in trouble. Thongchai would be deducted a point in the second round for repeated low blows from knee strikes not landing accurately on Murthel’s torso but in the third round, it wasn’t left for the judges to decide the winner when repeated left hooks to the head would finally stop the fight.

“You call Captain Hook, I call Roy Jones Jr., I’ve been call something else. I saw an opening on the left hand, his right hand was low so, one hook was you know. I hit him with one hook so, I hit him again fast with another then another then another. It was easy to him there so when he went down, he got eight-counts, standup; I gave him the same thing.

“You know the first round I have to feel him a little bit, feel him and I have to know how to, how he reacts on my punches, on my kicks and knees, so, I know how he reacts. I’m not that kinda person that goes right away in the moment the bell goes and give him everything. That’s wrong because then you get you know, you get punches to the head or, you get knocked our cause first thing you have to do is feel your fighter.”

With nothing yet confirmed for Groenhart’s return to the GLORY Kickboxing ring, it could leave the door potentially open for a defence of his World Fighting League (WFL) world title on April 23; where former GLORY champion and arch-rival, Nieky Holzken has confirmed he will be fighting against an opponent yet to be announced. “The Natural” is out of contract with GLORY after losing the title to Cedric Doumbe at GLORY Collision.

“I still have to discuss something but I’m still the champion at 77 kilo in the World Fighting League. There was something still have discussed when on how things still go so I don’t know if I’m on the show, I don’t think so but I will definitely be on another show from World Fighting League but I don’t think I will be on this show.”

Groenhart on Doumbe vs. Kongolo and getting a GLORY title shot

Although he hasn’t officially been promised a title shot against the winner of GLORY’s new welterweight champion, Cedric Doumbe vs. Yoann Kongolo at GLORY 39, it is strongly rumoured that Groenhart could be matched-up against the victor in the coming months.

“I will be there for GLORY 39 in the crowd looking at the fight, GLORY of Kongolo and Doumbe. So just let the guys know don’t be nervous, I’ll be there watching you but don’t be nervous, just fight.”

Click here to listen and download the full podcast with Murthel Groenhart after he returned to the Netherlands from, GLORY 38 Chicago.