GLORY Welterweight champion Nieky Holzken revealed his upcoming bout against Cedric Doumbé at GLORY Collision will be the last fight of his current contract.

One of the main attractions on the December 10 event in Oberhausen, Germany, Holzken remains undefeated in 11 fights under the GLORY banner, a record which has garnered him the attention as one of the finest pound-for-pound kickboxers in the world.

Naturally, with such acclaim comes the allure of money, something which Holzken believes he is ‘lucky’ to enjoy under his current GLORY contract.

The current deal allows Holzken to fight in boxing alongside his GLORY endeavours and even though he has enjoyed a strong year in boxing; climbing to 12-0, “The Natural” admitted the plan to switch to boxing full time is still ‘one of two years’ away.

“I don’t know man, it’s difficult because you have to make money and with this job I have, I make money and I’m lucky I’m good at it, so it gives me money so I still have to fight.

“But I’m also boxing, I’m 12-0, 8 knockouts and getting popular by the year and when I can make good money with boxing, automatically i will make the switch to boxing.”

He went on to clarify: “after this fight my contract is over, then I can negotiate.”

Holzken will feature in the co-headline bout of the GLORY Collision pay-per-view, as he defends his Welterweight title against Frenchman Doumbé.

Doumbé has garnered a reputation for his smack talk in the build up to the fight, something which Holzken tends to avoid. In the wake of some of Doumbé’s remarks, the champion offered some kind words of advice to the title challenger and his ‘dirty mouth’.

“I said he had a dirty mouth of talking so he has to brush his teeth maybe and then he has good words. But I don’t do trash talk, he’s only the guy who’s trash talking so maybe he does that because he’s [scared] or something and try to give me some fear from him but won’t work.”

Watch the full interview with Andreas Georgiou and Nieky Holzken above.