Saki v Rico - Photo credit: Glory Sports Int'l

Following on from news that GLORY heavyweight champion, Rico Verhoeven will headline GLORY 41 against Enfusion heavyweight, Ismael Lazzar, former GLORY light-heavyweight champion, Gökhan Saki, has ridiculed Verhoeven for continuing to avoid him.

Verhoeven will headline the GLORY 41 SuperFight Series in Den Bosch on May 20, but since the news broke, Saki has taken to his Instagram account to once again poke fun at the Dutch champion. 

“Rico rico rico the immigration service called me, they wanna give you a refugee status because you are always running away from me. Pfff what a fleeing behavior, did you always run away as a kid when there where confrontations?”

“Again you choose another opponent because you think you can stay the “CHAMP” longer that way. But If you think you just can run over Ismael, you are wrong. And deep inside you know you are not the real CHAMP. Even your management knows that you dont have the balls to fight me because a chance of losing should be excluded so you can show your face longer on tv shows acting fake.”

Saki had initially called out Verhoeven for a rematch after GLORY Collision where Badr Hari would lose by second round TKO from an arm injury. Since then the “Golden Boy” has returned to jail to complete his remaining sentence from past convictions and the heavyweight division continues to tumble through a never-ending transition period.

However, Rico was surprisingly silent on social media after the initial call outs by Saki. Funnily enough though, “The Rebel” would also call out Remy Bonjasky for a rematch shortly afterwards, with the former K-1 champion swiftly accepting the challenge via Instagram. Then there was a bizarre twist of events when Saki’s plan B for a comeback was scuppered by Verhoeven who, went on Dutch TV to call out Bojanksy himself – much in the same fashion as he had previously called out Badr Hari last year.

“I’m going to find real men who want a real fight. Real men who never refuse a challenge and when they say that on tv they really mean it, they dont say it just for the show. I dont even wanna fight someone like you no more, there is no pride in you, so there is no Glory in the win.”

“Too bad that getting bigger and more musculair doesnt give you balls. You really need to grow a pair.”

Saki is allegedly still contracted to GLORY despite his two-year hiatus since his last fight outside of GLORY at GFC 3, in a decision win against Sebastian Ciobanu. Hopefully, kickboxing fans will get to see one of the greatest kickboxers of a generation, return to action in the coming months, with or without Rico Verhoeven in the ring opposite him.