Zack Mwekassa
Pat Barry and Zack Mwekassa (right) [Credit Glory World Series]

Stunning the international kickboxing scene with a sensational knockout of ex-UFC fighter Pat Barry, Africa’s Zack Mwekassa is ready to “bring drama” in the GLORY 18 light-heavyweight contender tournament, November 7 in Oklahoma.

From humble beginnings in Africa, ‘The Black Warrior’ has transformed into one of kickboxing’s hottest prospects after his knockout of Pat Barry at GLORY 16 in Denver.

“Life’s changed tremendously,” said Mwekassa “I would like to thank Pat Barry for pouring some of his fame onto me. I appreciate every moment.”

He added: “First I just went in for the money, you know? As we suffer In Africa, then I thought, hold on a second, I can beat these guys. I am now hooked. I will become something very significant very fast.”

Despite competing at Heavyweight in his GLORY debut, Mwekassa drops down to -95kg for the GLORY 18 contender tournament.

“In my opinion, bigger is not necessarily better. Some of the smaller guys [are] extremely talented. And better fighters than some of the bigger guys.

“I don’t categorise myself, I am not light-heavyweight, and I am not heavyweight. I am kick-ass weight.”

Number 11 ranked Mwekassa will take on eighth ranked Brian Collette in the first semi-final, with Saulo Cavalari and Artem Vakhitov squaring off in the opposing semi.

“I don’t understand why I am [ranked] number 11, I guess that’s why GLORY has a number 11 fighting a 4-man tournament as an elimination to fight the world champion. Let me count: one, two, three, four, five, number 11? The number 11 is in the 4-man tournament, do the math?”

With Gokhan Saki the current -95kg champion, and Rico Verhoeven waiting back at heavyweight, the African fighter has distanced himself from a title shot anytime soon.

“To be honest I am not aiming for any belt, I just want to create mayhem in both division.”

Putting contender tournaments, and title shots aside, Mwekassa has one high profile match-up in mind, a fight with kickboxing legend, Mirko Cro Cop who is coming off a career reigniting win over Jarrell Miller at GLORY 17.

“Mirko Cro Cop is like ‘The Terminator’” He added: “In the 90s Cro Cop beat Mike Bernardo my mentor. I don’t want to die before I fight Cro Cop. Mirko Cro Cop. Filipovic.”

The former professional boxer used an analogy to define his career, and his quest to become one of kickboxing’s greatest ever.

“Before a child is born there is a marathon that happens in its mother’s womb. A marathon to life. The first to arrive is the one who will fertilize the egg and become the baby.

“There are 250 million sperm in one ejaculation. 250 million competitors race to life, and only one makes it in time and becomes the baby that you see. I won that race. So have you.

“Don’t underestimate your capabilities. I was born a champion. I am a champion.”

The South African based fighter is still looking for a GLORY 18 sponsor. Anyone interested can contact Zack Mwekassa via his email account for further details. Zackmwekassa@hotmail.com1