Photo Credit : Dave Fordisque for Roar Combat League
Photo Credit : Dave Fordisque for Roar Combat League

Lyndon Knowles notched a third consecutive decision of the year, with an emphatic win over, Kaz Mwamba at Roar Combat League – Round 4, in a fight full of high octane K1 action from the very first bell at the Watford Colosseum on October 22.

From the beginning of the fight right through to the end of the encounter, neither fighter took a backward step as the two heavyweights came out for the opening round throwing nothing but bad intentions from the off, a theme which would continue for all three rounds.

Throughout the fight Knowles would continuously put pressure on a resilient Mwamba throughout the fight who’s lack of a full training camp to prepare for the fight became more noticeable as the fight continued with the Bloodline fighters stamina appearing to diminished  due in large part to Knowlesy’s high volume of offence, consistent with his forward pressure which, would ultimately seal the decision his way.

Luciano Mendola v Thai Barlow at Roar Combat League
Luciano Mendola v Thai Barlow at Roar Combat League

In probably the most intense fight of the night, under full Thai rules, Thai Barlow secured the 50.8kg Roar world championship by decision against, Luciano Mendola in a battle of two of the UK’s top young Muay Thai prospects. Leading up-to the event, this fight had been of the most anticipated match-ups on the card because of how skilful both fighters are at such a young age.

Mendola fought valiantly in an enthralling title fight with Barlow but the latter utilised the height difference, range control and clinch with much more success in the first three rounds. It was a technically proficient performance by Barlow who, was able to dominant early on by nullifying the threat of Mendola closing him down with excellent clinch work – a key factor that would continually work against Mendola due to the size difference.

In the last two rounds, Mendola was able to apply himself more strongly but Barlow was able to weather the storm and continue to outscore him. A rematch between the two would be interesting if it could be arranged under K1 rules instead of FTR which, could better balance the odds for Mendola by removing the clinch that greatly benefitted Barlow.

Photo Credit: Roar Combat League
Photo Credit: Roar Combat League

Alex Bublea had to settle for a controversial draw with Connor McCormack which, was another fight seeded with bitterness, at the weigh-ins the day before. Bublea had confidently claimed, “I’m gonna knock him out” when asked for his prediction and his hostile mannerism towards the Southport fighter at the weigh-ins only fuelled the air of hostility between the two. However, McCormack would keep his cool and remained unprovoked until it was fight time.

McCormack didn’t get his way as much as he would’ve liked in the first two rounds compared to the ‘The Bodyhammer’ who, was an engine of chaos with his aggressive fighting style. Lesser men would’ve buckled under such pressure but McCormack’s cool, calm and collective approach took him through to the third round and from that round onwards, he came back much more convincingly as he applied more of his ring-craft in the remaining rounds.

However, controversy and drama would unfold due to the judges’ decision of a draw at the end of the fight. Especially when Bublea and his corner began remonstrating with the International Board of Muay Thai officials before the official announcement when they found out the result. The majority of spectators would also reinforce their displeasure at the decision with their booing during the announcement.

Christi Brereton retained her 55kg Roar world title, overcoming the relentlessly determined, Josefine Lindgren from Sweden (cornered by her coach, Sanja Trbojevic and UFC light-heavyweight, Jimi Manuwa), reaffirming her dominant world class position amongst her European competition.

Roar Combat League: Christi Brereton v Josefine Lindgren
Roar Combat League: Christi Brereton v Josefine Lindgren

This was only Lindgren’s eight outing and first A class fight but with three month’s notice, this rising star who, has been much talked in the Scandinavian circuit, certainly came to fight. However, the more experienced Brereton would see off her challenger and the clinch would have a big influence on the decision favouring the defending champion.

In her pre-fight interview, Brereton had mentioned that she had studied Lindgren well and knew what to expect from the Swede’s aggressive fighting style and left kick threats. Both women were fighting at their natural / walking weight of 55kg which, was a first for Lindgren but she didn’t feel as strong as strong as she usually did compared to, fighting at a weight class below as she expressed on Facebook afterwards.

Main card – Results:

Lyndon Knowles def. Kaz Mwamba by decision – 98kg K1 rules

Alex Bublea v Connor McCormack – Draw – 67kg A class

Thai Barlow def. Luciano Mendola by decision – 50.8kg A class, Roar world championship

Christi Brereton def. Josefine Lindgren by decision – 55kg A class, Roar world championship

Undercard / Preliminaries – Results:

Maria McManaman def. Alaina Douglass by TKO, Rd3 – 56kg Novice

Zak Chabira def. Connor Frame by TKO Rd 4 – 54kg Novice

Catalin Breban def. Jamie Raynor – 77kg B class, Rd1 KO

Karl Beck def. Alex Welham by UD – 85kg C class

Aminilla Rahman def. Elliott Hallworth by UD – 68kg C class

Omar Mizra def. Charlie Rice by TKO Rd2 – 67kg C class

Conner Emery def. Adam Jay by TKO Rd1 – 63kg C class

George Griffiths def. Joe Turner by UD – 55kg Pro Am

Sean Baxter def. Brian Knapp by UD – 66.6kg C class and new Southern Area champion

Mike Barton def. Korrin Nelson by TKO Rd3 – 70kg C class

Alex Hood def. Paul Masangcay by UD – 63kg Pro Am