Pressure’s on for the next 10K Karate King!

If you ask any former competitor from the 10K he will tell you the event and pressure it brings is far different from any traditional karate event. Favorite’s from the past such as Paul Newby, Rory Daniels, Alton Brown, Ian Cole & Davin Pack didn’t walk away with the 10K cheque but many practitioner and fan thought otherwise.

 The 10K Karate Clash is unique in its concept and unique in the pressure it creates on the night for athletes, it could be the money, the crowd, the talk, the cameras, the lights but one thing is for sure and that is there are no guarantees.

Many people assumed a lightweight competitor could never win this open-weight tournament but the last 10K King was Birmingham’s very own Jason Ledgister who proved that theory wrong with a clinical display of technique and mental toughness on the big night.  

The excitement and the unpredictable outcome of the 10K is what makes it an event not to be missed, with four groups of 8 competitors competing under WKF rules.

Group one currently sees Joe Kellaway, Devante Walters, Mark MacMahon and international competitor Ali Nyoni set for some exciting and long range match ups.

 Group two sees the return of the most experienced competitor Alton Brown who has come close to a 10K final twice before, the big question is will his experience pull him through? Alongside Brown is Scottish International Adam El Shaefei and son of the first 10K King (Wayne Otto) and Current England International Jamal Otto & the active Cheyne Phillips.

10k Karate Clash Final Wayne Otto vs. Leon Walters 

Group three will witness the return to karate competition and hungry underdog Heavyweight Ryan Lambert, former 10k competitor Scotland’s very own Callum Rob, the next generation of Walters, Chandler Walters, and England’s current number one heavyweight Brandon Jewell.

Group four sees Dutch international Rene Smaal with a ton of experience, Scotland’s Johnny Gilmore, the up and coming Josh Gleadall and the name on everybody’s lips Jordan Thomas.

The 10K Karate Clash returns to London’s award winning Troxy on Bank Holiday Easter Sunday 16th April after a decade off.

Limited Last minute tickets for tomorrow night’s clash are still available online today and can be picked up at from the world famous the Troxy’s theater box office in London. 

Watch the 10K Karate Clash PPV LIVE HERE

If you can’t make it to this historic event don’t forget you can watch the first hour of the 10K Karate Clash for FREE here on and buy the full show is available for £9.99 ($12.49) by clicking the link below.

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