Despite suffering a loss to Ian Cleary at BAMMA 27, former Muay Thai contender Andrew Lofthouse remains confident of his future being in MMA after only being encouraged following his first experience inside the cage.

When discussing how he felt now, after having time to reflect back on the unanimous decision loss, the British fighter was optimistic that essential lessons were learnt and that he will be much better prepared for his next bout.

“That one fight was far better than any Thai boxing fight I’ve ever had. Even though I got schooled, I don’t give a s**t. I can’t wait to get back to training and get going again,” said Lofthouse. “It’s made me even more determined to make a success of it.”

Asked about how he sees his future plans in terms of progressing his overall game, Lofthouse revealed that a change to his training regime was already underway.

“As of 2017, I’ll be fighting out of Aspire Combat with Dean Garnett, Alan Philpott, Phil Turner so they’ve got some great guys down there,” said the talented Brit. “The plan is to drill me (on) wrestling, BJJ and I think I’ve got a cracking 2017 to come.”

With his striking pedigree and the plans in place to bring his ground work up to speed, Andrew Lofthouse will certainly be one to watch in the New Year.