Following this afternoon’s Bellator London press conference Paul “Semtex” Daley sat down and talked about the explosive encounter with fellow countryman Michael “Venom” Page.

With the potential fight between Daley (39-14-1) and MVP (12-0) officially put on the backburner despite MMA fans’ demand and a recent social media onslaught aimed at him, the 33-year-old knockout artist now has the “Red King” firmly in his sights.

Paul Daley dismisses talk of a fight with MVP…for now

“The fight at the moment wouldn’t be live in the UK, it wouldn’t get big TV ratings, as it stands right now it the endorsements are there and the money isn’t there yet. When that [the money] is there then we’ll fight. I’m a fighter I don’t duck fights, I haven’t said no to the MVP fight I’ve just said no to the MVP fight right now.

“I just want the timing to be right for the fight. I’m gonna take out Rory MacDonald, takeout Douglas Lima and then fight MVP. That would ideally be way things work out but who knows how things will work out but who knows what is going to happen to MVP between now and that point but for me I’m just going to focus on what I’ve got ahead of me and right now it’s not MVP.”   

Despite fan disappointment at the fact that the fight could not be made, the prospect of Daley vs. MacDonald has seemingly been praised by the majority of MMA fans around the globe.

Bellator London Paul Daley and MVP get heated at press conference