Jiu-Jitsu specialist and training partner of Conor McGregor, Dillon Danis, is on his way to Bellator having signed a deal with the Viacom-owned promotion on Monday per MMA

Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports was the first to report the news. Danis had been debating the prospect of fighting in MMA for some time but will now make his first professional fight under the Bellator banner.

Danis has become an integral part of McGregor’s training camp and has worked alongside the Irishman since before his second fight with Nate Diaz last year. In an interview with Yahoo, the American  admitted he has huge respect for McGregor but is ready to pave his own path in the sport of MMA.

“I want to fight the best, just like Conor does,” Danis said. “We’re different people, though we’re very like-minded. We set high goals and we aren’t afraid to try to achieve. I feel he’s the best ever, in my opinion, and so if people want to compare us, well, how could it be bad if you’re a basketball player to be compared to Michael Jordan? That’s essentially what people would be saying if they compare us.

“I obviously respect what he has accomplished and will accomplish in the future. He’s incredible and the aura of confidence he has is amazing. He’s a champion for a reason. But I want to go down my own path and do it my way.”

Danis gained his Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under the legendary Marcelo Garcia. The 23-year old is regarded as one of the top grapplers at his weight in the world and is an IBJJF world champion as a brown belt in both Gi and No-Gi disciplines.

Danis spoke of how he intends to fight towards the end of the year at welterweight and could potentially move down to the weight division of his friend and current UFC lightweight champion McGregor.