Song Ga-Yeon
ROAD FC answer Song Ga-Yeon accusations about President of promotion - Photo: ROAD FC

South Korean promotion ROAD FC have responded to sexual allegations made by fighter and ring girl Song Ga-Yeon about CEO Jung Muh-Hong.

In an interview to Maxim Korea Magazine, the 22-years-old fighter blasted the CEO of promotion, Mr. Jung Muh-Hong, accusing him of abusing her verbally, treating her as “mentally challenged” in front of other members of his company and asking about her sexual life with a fighter Seo Doo-Won.

Answering the accusations, the promotion sent a long statement to MMA Plus, talking about the comments, explaining the full situation surrounding the fighter with the company and questioning the information published by the media.

They also confirmed that Song has been released from the promotion and they are pursuing legal action.

ROAD FC’s full statement on Song Ga-Yeon

“Song Ga-Yeon, a Mixed Martial Arts Competitor contracted to ROAD Fighting Championship, has sought to stimulate negative public opinion of ROAD FC through an interview with Maxim Korea. Song Ga-Yeon’s statements regarding unfair treatment, sexual harassment and intimidation by ROAD CEO Jung Mun-Hong are false, serious, and slanderous.

ROAD firmly believes that Song Ga-Yeon’s abandonment of her contractual obligations as an MMA Competitor which led to these false allegations against ROAD were caused solely by her personal situation. ROAD provided her full support financially, promotionally and for training.

Song Ga-Yeon’s vicious backlash against the company is a dangerous act that can disrupt the reputation of ROAD, as well as the Competitors who are working hard and active in their industry, and the sporting foundation on which they should operate.

ROAD has begun the legal process against Song Ga-Yeon and these harmful allegations. Song Ga-Yeon’s conflicting statements on sexual harassment, photography sessions, and intimidation will be exposed for the full truth in a court of law.

Based on the above-mentioned interview, reports in the English media have incorrectly stated that Song Ga-Yeon has won a lawsuit against ROAD which terminated her contract. This statement is false and misleading. Song Ga-Yeon did not have any legal action whatsoever against ROAD. Song Ga-Yeon instigated a suit for termination of contract against her management company, Subak Entertainment & Media (Subak E&M), a wholly separate entity from ROAD, which has no bearing on her obligations to her contract with ROAD.

Firstly abandoning her duties to the management company, then with financial support for litigation from other management companies (as subsequently discovered and reported by MBC Sports Plus News), Song Ga-Yeon presented six allegations against Subak E&M to the court, of which only one was granted. The following are the results, as published in previous Korean media:

1. Subak E&M signed an unfair contract of profit distribution.

– Disallowed by Court: Even if the profit sharing ratio is disadvantageous to the plaintiff, the contract cannot be terminated due to the plaintiff’s opinion, inability or inexperience.

2. Subak E&M forced broadcasting appearances which interfered with activities as an athlete.

– Disallowed by Court: The exclusive contract includes provisions for the additional activities as a means of raising the awareness of a professional MMA athlete.

3. Subak E&M forced the practice of acting instead of support for athletics, and forced a semi-nude photography session.

– Disallowed by Court: The exclusive contract includes provisions for the additional activities as a means of raising the awareness of a professional MMA athlete.

4. ROAD President Jung Mun-Hong issued threats and sexual harassment.

– Disallowed by Court: There is conflicting and unsubstantiated evidence. President Jung is not a Defendant. Even if the CEO of ROAD operates a management company like the plaintiff’s, the contract still could not be regarded as unfair.

5. Subak E&M did not issue payments with proper records.

– Disallowed by Court: The plaintiff did not explicitly require the defendant to submit the settlement data before the defendant had claimed the termination of the contract.

6. Subak E&M infringed on moral rights with a statement regarding an “unusual relationship with a team member”.

– Allowed by Court: Public comments from the plaintiff’s private opinion have caused a lack of trust between parties that is a serious reason for the contract to terminate.

ROAD will act in accordance with laws and principles for the establishment of sound contracts and the development of fighting sports. The full truth regarding Song Ga Yeon’s false and harmful statements will be revealed by the investigating authorities and courts.


ROAD Management”